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New York City is one the most popular cities in the entire world. It is widely known as the “city that never sleeps,” and the “Big Apple.” However, if you’ve never actually lived in New York and your only introduction to the city is what you’ve seen via a TV show or a movie, it’s likely that your perception of NYC is incorrect. New York is constantly changing so rapidly that a lot of the things you see on TV and in movies don’t capture the real aspects of the city. Many of them are even exaggerations or completely made up for the purpose of entertainment. So, let’s take a look at some of these common misconceptions about New York City.


New York City Is Only Manhattan

If you are wondering where this myth came from, look no further than shows such as Sex in the City, Friends, and Seinfeld which were all filmed in Manhattan and hardly ever left the borough. However, do not let that fool you. New York City is so much more than Times Square and Rockefeller Center. The city in total is 790 sqm, and Manhattan is only 59 sqm. People who are unfamiliar with the city tend to forget that there are four other boroughs (Queens, Brooklyn, The Bronx, and Staten Island); all of which are very exciting with their culture and communities.


New Yorkers Are Rude

This is a very common misconception amongst people outside of New York City. In fact, this is a common misconception amongst people from New York City as well. However, it simply is not true. While New Yorkers do tend to go out of their way to avoid contact, it is usually to prevent from being stuck in any awkward situation, or they just prefer to mind their own business. The truth is, New Yorkers are very helpful if you need it as long as it doesn’t slow them down or you’re not trying to sell them anything. Locals will be more than willing to show you the right direction, buy you food or water if you need it, or just ask if you are doing okay.


New York City Is Too Expensive

Yes, it is true that certain areas in the city are much more expensive than others, but that does not mean it is impossible to live here if you are not wealthy. In fact, it is entirely possible to keep your expenses low, if you know the right spots to get what you need. For example, rather than taking a cap, take the subway; or try not to eat at a restaurant for all your meals. You will be surprised to know that there are many things that are cheaper in New York City than they are in places like Europe, so you can control your budget while living here. Keep in mind, London is actually the most expensive city in the world.


New York City Is Not Green

This is another misguided perception about The Big Apple. The truth is, 19.5% of the city land is dedicated to parks which is actually the most in the US according to the Trust for Public Land. New York City has some of the best parks in the country like Central Park and Astoria Park. There is a park for almost anything you can think of from picnic areas to skate parks to viewing the sunset or simply relaxing on the lawn.