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Despite some of the flaws that New York City has, locals still love the city and a huge part of it comes from the incomparable beauty you encounter each day by simply walking down the street. Some of this beauty is even more impressive than you might find in museums. From the historic Cranberry Street in Brooklyn Heights to the townhouses built along 10th street between 5th and 6th avenue, to the charm of Marlborough Road in Ditmas, let’s take a look at some of the most beautiful streets in New York City.


Minetta Street, Greenwich Village

Greenwich Village is notorious for crowds, tourists, and traffic, but Minetta Street offers a welcomed break from all the chaos. This quiet block has all the best you could imagine from 19th-century architecture, trees, peace, and quiet, as well as a rich history that you will encounter as you walk the near-empty sidewalks. During the 17th century, this area was occupied by partially freed slaves who made and farmed their homes along a brook known as “Mannette” that also flowed into the then-pristine Hudson River. During the 19th century, construction workers covered the brook to make way for expansion, however, today, the bend in Minetta Street hints at the water while still flowing underneath.


Prospect Park West

Prospect Park West is literally the peak of Park Slope as the neighborhood’s cross streets run downhill from Prospect Park. Above that, the park’s western boundary served as the backdrop for countless period pieces, including scenes from popular movies such as 2013’s Wolf of Wall Street and 2014’s Winter’s Tale. On one side of the street you have the leafy canopy which offers a natural shade and quick relief from the busy city, while on the other side, you have the multi-million dollar brownstones and apartment blocks that boast sophistication. At night, when facing north, you can get a peek of Grand Army Plaza’s lights which is a reminder of the grandeur of Gilded Age Brooklyn.


Cranberry Street, Brooklyn Heights

When you head up north in Brooklyn Heights towards Dumbo, you will stumble upon the fruit streets known as Cranberry, Orange, and Pineapple. These streets were named by Lady Middagh. According to NYC Parks, she thought that the previous names were pretentious as they were named after aristocratic families. Cranberry Street, in particular, is a narrow street filled with colorful brownstones that are cast in shade from the tall trees. And, if you head down far enough, you will find the Promenade and have a real life Cher-kicking-a-can-in-Moonstruck moment.