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Last month, I began looking at some of the streets in New York City that come with the best views. These are areas where you can take in the beauty with a simple stroll. Some of the streets we looked at previously were Minetta Street in Greenwich Village, Cranberry Street in Brooklyn Heights, and Prospect Park West. So, here is Part 2 of the most beautiful streets in New York City.


47th St & Skillman Ave, Sunnyside

On a street that is a mere few stops away from Times Square holds a wonderful view of the Empire State Building which rises in the background. Surprisingly enough, this is not located in Manhattan at all and is actually in Queens. The area is the nationally recognized Historic District, Sunnyside Gardens. Although it might be one of the first planned suburbs in the country, there are no cul-de-sacs in the area. Rather, it is inspired by the planned garden city movement which started in England in the early 20th century. So, what you will find interwoven between the rows of red brick houses covered in ivy are grassy mews, shared courtyards, and lots of gardens.


Convent Avenue

The strictly residential thoroughfare known as Convent Avenue runs through Hamilton Heights and the City College campus and is a master class in New York neighborhoods bridging the old with the new. According to the Municipal Art Society of New York, the area was once graced by the likes of Duke Ellington, Jimmy Rushing, and Cab Calloway, and it featured more industrial campus buildings and low-rise apartments. The heart of the neighborhood is still in the old homes, and that includes 339 Convent Avenue, also known as the house that was bought by Royal Tenenbaum “on Archer Avenue in the winter of his 35th year.”


Guernsey Street, Greenpoint

Located only a few blocks from McCarren Park, Guernsey Street stands out as one of the most memorable blocks in Brooklyn, and this is largely due to its literal shade. The street is filled with colorful row houses that are covered by a natural tunnel-like canopy of locust trees. It offers a much-needed escape from the gray urban landscape you see in Manhattan as well as the crowded brunch spots which surround the park. It is a great place to simply wander as you wait for a table at one of the aforementioned brunch spots, or if you just want to explore the quaint area.